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The Practice of Reflection

Happy Autumn, Happy Equinox, Happy New Year!

This time of year calls me look at what's been happening within me from one year ago until today. The custom is a discipline of many spiritual traditions. For me, the high holidays of the jewish religion offer the practice of reflection as well as atonement (AT-ONE-MENT) in preparation for cleansing, renewal, and prayerful release of all my actions during the last year. This practice supports my belief that in order for any healing and transformation to happen, I have to be willing to listen within my heart and notice the truths that live there. Shining the light within me I must first fully accept those truths. My reflection calls me to observe the actions that may or may not have served myself, my family, friends, and others. Prayerfully, I offer it all up to the Divine Universe, Angels, Guides, and Ancestors for support in transforming those actions that didn't serve me or those who are part of my world. The custom is to reflect, atone, release, and start with a clean slate as the new year begins. A beautiful healing practice for which I have abundant gratitude.

I offer this today for anyone who wishes to create a clearing, cleansing, healing, ritual. Bring along a journal, paper, perhaps a candle, some smudge or incense, and a prayerful reflective open heart. Create a sacred space and immerse yourself in the experience. Embody the beauty of your human heart, the learning of honest reflection, accepting the truths of actions or inactions, and clearing, transforming, and begining again.

Blessings of peace and the joy that comes from a new beginning!

Love, Light, and Healing,


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