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Reflections 2020

"Hope is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all - "

~Emily Dickinson

Heartfelt greetings to all!

As 2020 began, we renewed commitments to ourselves with intentions to water the necessary steps towards unpacking our beautiful dreams. Instead, just two months later we began to witness a year of tragedy, loss, heartache and change beyond our imagination. So much loss that continues to touch each of us in one way or another. Salty tears drip from my eyes as I write this morning reflecting on life's powerful punches to so much of it's preciousness, This year not only introduced Covid 19, it demanded our recognition and action on racial injustice and violence in our communities, throughout our country, and around our globe. We watched our ancient forests, and communities burn changing the course of so many lives. 2020 required we witness, with eyes wide open the thoughtless threats to our humanity, to our democracy, and to our beliefs about entitlement and justice. Yes, this year brought to light all the places we need to SEE in order for healing to begin. The thread of healing needs to touch all of us personally and globally. This time in our lives demands us to open the doors within us, roll up our sleeves, and awaken the consistent stream of truth necessary to bring forth change in ourselves so we can support those changes in each other.

As a teacher of compassionate self-healing I have learned the massive mistake about compassion. COMPASSION DOES NOT MEAN COMPLACENCY. True compassion comes from knowing how to initiate impact on the part of us that gets stuck in the habits that don't serve us anymore. True compassion and kindness is understanding the responsibility we have to execute change within us so we can rise up to create change in our world. This year we have seen more than ever before how embracing change encourages life, how lifting each other through our creative efforts saves lives, and how those forces impact the changes we desperately need to see in our world.

Will we be a world that comes together? Will we fight for the higher good of humanity, awakening our individual brilliance to bring forth a collective whose light transforms the darkness with our compassionate action? Yes, the darkness is uncomfortable to see in ourselves and in our world. However, unless we are willing to tease it out, understand it's human nature, and consciously create the space to heal we will continue to conform to lives that simply focus on comfort and the status quo. I want more for us all!

This year of having our smiles covered with colorful cloths has made our souls shine even more through our eyes! It's demanded us to find new ways to connect, to work, to SEE each other, to mourn, to heal, and to celebrate new life being born. While many can't wait to "get rid of" 2020, I choose to allow the truthful pain, the images of illness, personal experiences of loss, separation from loved ones, and the devastating surreal impact on body, mind, heart, and spirit. I honor the courage, care, and unending mercy from our healthcare providers, hospital staff, ambulance drivers, firemen and women, and all protectors of life everywhere. My heart is filled with gratitude for the examle of their undying spirit, and their true example of the community commitment that we need in order to generate healing throughout our world. May 2021 see our hopes, wishes, and faith in our humanity never stop at all!

Many Blessings of Healing, Light, and Love to All ~ Caron

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