My Approach

The foundation of my approach is based upon creating a compassionate connection with my clients, their body-mind, heart and spirit. I listen deeply to details of your life experience and how those experiences show up in your body and thought patterns. My role is to guide you to hear the way your body speaks to you. The goal of my treatment offerings and tools are to establish a safe place for you to turn inward, explore, renew, and restore a compassionate center for your healing journey. Let's begin!

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My Story

      A car accident in 1987 changed the course of my life. I developed an unrelenting pain syndrome which failed several years of allopathic interventions, and I was offered little hope or symptom relief. Medication was never an option as I was unable to tolerate the side effects. More than anything I wanted to show up for my beautiful young daughter and be a partner to my loving husband. 
     Giving up was not in my nature. I researched my condition and came across information about the nervous system and its connection to regulating pain. I learned meditation in the late 70's, and had only a small awareness of how conscious breathing could change my state. With an open mind, a solid inner commitment, and an unstoppable desire to heal, my journey began. I worked with numerous holistic healers from various disciplines who offered modalities that compassionately approached my body, mind, and spirit. Through their guidance, professional skills, and my undying perseverance, my symptoms greatly reduced.
     Inspired to serve, my passion was experiencing, embodying, and training in different healing disciplines. I enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at, "The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and and Research." My studies resulted in a deep understanding of eastern/western medicine perspectives, and massage therapy techniques. I continued my education at "The New Seminary" in N.Y.C. to explore faith and it's connection to healing. After graduating, I began private practice treating people of all ages with chronic pain. While treating a young girl with RSD, I was contacted by Dr. Brian Hainline, the girl's neurologist. Dr Hainline was intrigued by my ability to relieve this patient's pain when conventional medical techniques had failed to help her. Within a few years of working with several of Dr. Hainline's patients, he invited me to join him to create an integrative pain medicine division at ProHEALTH Care Associates in Lake Success, New York. I then went on to work as Associate Director of the Integrative Pain Center.  After several years witnessing the need for patients to embrace safe movement, and influenced by my own healing experiences with yoga, I enrolled in the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Program, where I learned to integrate classical yoga techniques for all populations, even those suffering with pain. My deep passion for the body/mind connection guided me to extensive training in breathing techniques and meditation. For fifteen years at proHEALTH, I offered massage therapy, yoga, meditation, mentoring and spiritual counseling for patients who suffered agonizing symptoms from dis-ease in their body, mind, heart, and spirit. This led to developing Turning Inward®, a curriculum I designed that supports others with tools to understand, manage, and transform suffering to peace. 
     Currently, I am back in private practice full time, where I offer individual sessions, group classes, meditation, and long distance video appointments. I continue to encourage and teach clients to restore balance and find peace alongside the challenges that life presents. My own learning continues, as science unpacks the truths of our capacity to embody more healing than ever imagined. I am passionate about working with others to provide resources in their healing journey. I use a reflective approach that guides each person to understand their role in creating health. My life has taught me that it is essential to consider all aspects of our nature~body, mind, heart, and spirit~ to fulfill our healing goals. Diagnosis, stress, pain, and symptoms are signals from the body, calling us to explore our beautiful, untapped inner resources, and awaken our inspired nature.
Healing Blessings ~ Caron