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Daily Turning Inward Meditation Class
*All classes are on Zoom*

Monday - Friday 

8:00am - 8:30 am (CST)  9:00am - 9:30am (EST)

A gentle guided practice to start your day

Suggested donation

5 dollars per class / 25 dollars per week

Daily Audio Recordings

National Flower

Individual Appointments Via Zoom/FaceTime

Video calls are a wonderful way of connecting to focus on your inner work. What in your Spirit needs nourishing? Are you looking for tools that support your next healing steps? Change requires insight, courage, and mindful awareness. Our work will inspire you to light up your path towards peace.


 Wellness Coaching


Spiritual Direction


Turning Inward ® 6 week course

This course offers;


  • A mindful compassionate approach to support healing

  • Reflective exercises that provide insight into your body-mind connection

  • Deep understanding of the impact you have on your well-being

  • Empowering evidence based tools for personal change


*course includes a comprehensive manual & audio files for daily practice 

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