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September Beginnings & Blessings

1 September 2020

This morning I was sitting on my cushion and my mind was busy with blathering babbles. This was not a quiet meditation. Yes, I kept coming back to my breath, used a mantra, prayed and ultimately finished with a thank goodness! Over many years of practice witnessing the will of my mind I find myself intrigued by my inner rhythms. I’m deeply and energetically affected by how I nourish myself, move my body, caregiving challenges, world events, the turning of our planet, it’s connection to the outer planets, our universe and everyday experiences. I’ve learned that whether or not I am aware of it, my whole being processes my escapades throughout my day. The good news is as I show up on my cushion I can see how & what I’m holding, breathe to it, soften around it, make peace with it and allow it all to simply be...part of my humanness. 

     The blessing is consciously showing up! Each day in your own way, listen to your inner rhythm, find your own way of being accountable for your humanness, notice what you observe, commit to change when needed, and find peace and love within you so you bring peace in your family and love in world. There will always be haters, people who don’t understand, who “should” you out of their own longing and pain...disconnected from the love in their hearts. We all have haters, shoulders, and disconnected parts within us ... love them back to wholeness, to life, to blessings of new beginnings and gentle understandings of our human condition. 

     Happy September, Happy Full Moon!

     May you be nourished by love!

     Blessings ~ Caron

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