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Turning Inward

It all begins with you...

About Me

My name is Caron. I live connected to the ever changing aspects of life within me and in our world. I embrace life’s fluctuations, noticing nuance, discerning how life touches me and how I touch life. I am a spouse, mama, grandmother, healing advocate, music lover, and am nourished by nature. I believe our bodies have an innate capacity to heal, and it is my joy to help others find that connection.. My personal healing journey, sensitive nature, and human understanding have inspired me to pursue paths of study and service, that allow me to fulfill my deep commitment to healing on all levels.

My professional training is rich in a foundation of eastern and western holistic healing, integrative medicine, interfaith spiritual study, yoga, meditation, and healing techniques to sooth, steady, and understand the subtle energy systems within. I offer spiritual direction, meditation, and wellness coaching. 


I began in private practice 30 years ago, then moved into a conventional medical setting in 1998. For 15 years, I was blessed to work closely with a skilled group of physicians whose team approach brought wonderful and rich results to those who came for our care. In addition, I was able to play an integral role in developing an integrative pain center. Teaching, treating, and empowering others during their healing journeys with pain, cancer, and chronic illness became a passion that continues to enrich my life daily.


As covid rolled in, isolation and personal challenges from lack of connection grew. The need for continuing connection with my clients in both individual and group settings opened the door to the gifts of video appointments and classes. Through zoom conferencing, I continue to serve those who wish to embody peace alongside life's obstacles.

Buddha Statue

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion."  - Gautama Buddha

Turning Inward Testimonial

"The one person who has influenced me most in my life is Caron. My work in Turning Inward courses and my private sessions have helped me heal my pain and have given me a new outlook on life. I am 80 years old and I feel like a kid. I have balance and I use the tools I have learned to help me feel connected and hopeful. I am blessed to have Caron in my life. She is my angel."


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